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8 courses buffet menu @ $13/Pax

(No Buffet for 11 to 14 Dec 2017, business will resume on 15 DEC 2017)

Festive surcharge $4/pax from 19th to 31st Dec 2017

(Minimum 30 Pax)

To place your buffet catering order, simply complete this form and submit.

Note: No Buffet Catering Service on Monday

Main Food Items
Please select ONE dish each from Items 1 to 8.
a) Chicken & Mushroom in Oyster Sauce
b) Gong Bao Chicken
c) Curry Chicken
d) Fried Chicken
e) Keromak Chicken
f) Lemon Chicken
g) Rendang Chicken
h) Sweet & Sour Chicken

a) Assam Curry Fish
b) Black Sauce Sweet & Sour Fish
c) Fried Sambal Fish
d) Lemon Fish
e) Sweet & Sour Fish

a) Assam Prawn
b) Black Sauce Sotong
c) Butter Garlic Prawn
d) Lemak Sotong
e) Rendang Beef
f) Rendang Mutton
g) Sambal Prawn
h) Sambal Prawn with Pineapple & Cucumber (Shelled)
i) Sambal Sotong
j) Steam Prawn
k) Sweet & Sour Prawn (Shelled)

a) Fish Otah
b) Fried Chicken Nuggets
c) Fried Chicken Wing
d) Satay (Chicken)
e) Satay (Mixed)
f) Satay (Mutton)

a) Beancurd Seafood Ball
b) Char Shao Pao (Vegetarian)
c) Chicken Shao Mai (Steamed)
d) Red Bean Pao (Vegetarian)
e) Curry Samosa (Vegetarian)
f) Lian Yong Pao (Vegetarian)
g) Mini Soon Kueh
h) Mini Soon Kueh (Vegetarian)
i) Mini Spring Roll (Vegetarian)
j) Ngoh Hiang (Chicken)
k) Ngoh Hiang (Fish)
l) Plain Fish Ball
m) Plain Sotong Ball
n) Sambal Fish Ball
o) Sambal Sotong Ball
p) Shrimp Hakau (Fried)
q) Shrimp Hakau (Steamed)

a) Achar
b) Bamboo Shoot with Mushroom
c) Cauliflower with Mushroom
d) Celery Corn with Mushroom
e) Chap Chai
f) Sayor Lodeh
g) Tofu Mushroom

a) Fried Beehoon
b) Fried Egg Noodle
c) Fried Rice
d) Fried Tung Hoon
e) Mee Goreng
f) Pineapple Rice
g) Plain Rice
h) Yellow Rice

a) Assorted Cakes
b) Assorted Nyonya Kuehs
c) Cream Puff
d) Egg Tart
e) Honeydew Sago (Temporary no stock)
f) Hot Burbur Cha Cha (Temporary no stock)
g) Mixed Fruit Cocktail
h) Pudding (Almond)
i) Pudding (Mango)
j) Pudding (Mixed)
k) Drinks (Barley)
l) Drinks (Fruit Punch)
m) Drinks (Orange)
* Note: If you have not ordered drinks, you may include at additional $1/pax.

Additional Speciality Dishes

(Chicken Wing, Omelette Egg, Ikan Billis & Sambal Chilli)

Festive Dishes

Only available during Chinese New Year

Personal / Company Particulars

If Company, please state:-

Delivery Address


Lift available for loading/unloading to the exact location for buffet.
Ground floor (Lift not required)
Yes, lift serving both loading/unloading

Pick a date
1 Service Point
2 Service Points
3 Service Points


Terms & Conditions
Transport Charges: $33, waived for 80pax & above.

The following are provided free of charge:
* Disposable plates, forks & spoons, serviette, warmer, standard number of tables for putting warmer & skirting.
* Disposable cups (only if drink is ordered).
* Prices are not applicable during December festive seasons.
* Prices are all inclusive of GST.
* All our utensils & skirting are on loan to you. Any damage or burnt skirting will be charged $120 per skirting.
* Terms: COD (payable by cash / cheque made payable to "Glory Catering Pte Ltd").

Yes, I agree to the terms and conditions above.

Note: You may want to print out this ordered menu for your own reference.

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Note: We will revert the status of your order with our Tax Invoice within 2 working days through email.

Upon receipt of our Tax Invoice, please check thoroughly and acknowledge correct.

If there is no reply from us due to whatever reason, please call 6443 5395 to check.

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